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“Without a vision, the people perish…”
(Proverbs 29:18)
Capital Campaigns
Our firm has managed and completed more than 4,000 successful campaigns since 1960 and has served organizations in 45 states. Utilizing our resident service concept, capital campaigns span a much shorter length of time than the bi-weekly consulting concept used by other firms. This can have a tremendous impact on campaign costs, with many firms charging clients for expenses such as lodging, meals and mileage, which is not included in the normal fee.
Before completion of our resident service during a capital campaign, we establish a strong follow-up plan to ensure a project is successfully realized. This may require that our Campaign Director visit periodically to assist staff with follow-up procedures – a policy that is provided at no additional cost. Our personal service remains an integral part of our responsibility of excellence.
For more details on starting a capital campaign, call 800.456.9902 or email cosgriff@cosgriffco.com.
For more information, contact us at cosgriff@cosgriffco.com
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