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“I did not find the world desolate when I entered it. My fathers planted for me before I arrived, so I plant for those who come after me.”
Our Services
Cosgriff Company specializes in fundraising within a community. Our success is attributed to superior organizational and motivational methods with our dedicated in-residence campaign directors who excel in counseling non-profit organizations undertaking capital campaigns.
We serve churches, schools, hospitals, libraries, civic centers, museum, non-profit organizations, and more.
Our services include:
  • Developmental Feasibility Studies
  • Prospect Identification
  • Case Construction
  • Pre-Campaign Positioning
  • Resident Campaign Management
  • Campaign Follow-up
  • Major Gifts Consolidation
  • Campaign Public Relations
To learn more, call 800.456.9902
or email cosgriff@cosgriffco.com.
For more information, contact us at cosgriff@cosgriffco.com
Cosgriff Company P.O. Box 45239 Omaha, NE 68145 • 800.456.9902
St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Originally called upon to redo another company’s feasibility study in 1998 for the construction...