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“One generation plants the trees…Another gets the shade.”
Chinese proverb
Our Professionals
Jerry Schoppe
Vice President and Special Counsel to the President
Mr. Schoppe has experience forming, creating and maintaining alumni databases, directing development committees, planning and implementing annual giving campaigns and ongoing development programs. Jerry’s great talent is his ability to work with people from all ages and backgrounds. His personality and attitude will help any campaign reach their goal, making it an enjoyable experience along the way. A great fit in any parish because of his great love for his faith, he is highly motivated, organized and hits the ground running. This experience has translated into directing over goal campaigns for new construction projects as well as difficult debt reduction projects.
In 1985, Jerry won the Great American Family Award from President Ronald Reagan. He has served on school boards and been active in the church his entire life, but prior to joining Cosgriff Company, Mr. Schoppe was a Development Director with three different Catholic institutions. Jerry is a resident of Fredericksburg, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin before receiving Masters in Business at Webster University. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps.  
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